Forestone Black Bamboo

Forestone Black Bamboo
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  FORESTONE BLATTSTÄRKEN   Forestone Black Bamboo Alto Reeds Product... mehr
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Forestone Black Bamboo Alto Reeds

Forestone Black Bamboo Reeds

Six strengths: S, MS, M, MH, H & XH.

The Black Bamboo reeds contain the same amount of bamboo fibre and also contain a special carbon mixture for increased resistance and great projection.

Experience the best Forestone sound yet - our newest innovation in CANE REBORN.

Black Bamboo reeds are very durable and completely unaffected by the influences of temperature, humidity and dehydration. Liberate yourself from the problems of reed warping, deterioration, and inconsistency.

Strength, attack, and punch are fantastic, and the tonal core is perfectly balanced. The reeds provide effortless altissimo, pristine multiphoics, and great control at all dynamics.
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