George Garzone - In the Funk Zone

George Garzone - In the Funk Zone
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About This DVD For all Instruments and all levels The most universal Scale in the world,... mehr
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About This DVD
For all Instruments and all levels
The most universal Scale in the world, the pentatonic scale may be the least studied. Now George Garzone has given you the keys to the Kingdom with his in depth lessons from the beginning (simply playing the 5 notes of the Pentatonic Scale) to the end (advanced chromaticism) and many new ideas in between on how to create with this most useful of scales.

Time and Feel are stressed
In George?s own words from the DVD ?The main focuses of today?s DVD is gonna be talking about the world of playing in time and even eighth notes, working on a solid structure when you improvise.?

Two CD Disc Sets Include:
  • Disc I
    Lessons:  6 Chapters with transcriptions, exercises, examples, play alongs and trading
    Garzone On Time:  George shows you how to practice to achieve a strong time feel that everyone in the band can relate too
    Performances:  We let the tape roll and the best musicians in the world had a ball. Everything is first take, unrehearsed joy.
  • Disc Two
    Trading:  play back and forth with Mike Stern and George Garzone with Patitucci, Denard and Ross holding down a killer groove
    Play Alongs:  This superstar rhythm section lay it down just for you. Play it back on your system loud and be inspired by not only their funky groove but by the expressions on their faces that show how much fun they are having
    E-Book:  In all keys, The E-Book contains all the lessons on the DVD and additional exercises to help you master the presented material
    Interviews:  Hear these legendary musicians? thoughts on music, life and ?the groove?.
  • High Fidelity:  This DVD was filmed and recorded with a three camera shoot live at Systems Two in NYC, one of the finest studios anywhere. There was no overdubbing or separating of the musicians. What you see on the video is exactly how the music was played in order to capture the spontaneity and joy of the performances.


MUSICIANS: George Garzone: Saxophone / Mike Stern: Guitar / John Patitucci: Bass / Kenwood Dennard: Drums / Rollins Ross: Keyboards

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